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Ready to make waves? 🌊 🏄‍♀️ @on_running has officially dropped a shoe like no one has ever made - which means an athletic footwear experience like no other. The new Cloudsurfer is here and they represent a massive leap forward in Cloudtec®!! It's impossible to convey just how incredible these shoes feel on my feet, so you'll have to go try a pair at one of your local On retailers. 🤌🏼 Until then, here's what you need to know: Cushioning sensation. The innovation in the Cloudsurfer is Cloudtec Phase™, which was achieved through Finite Element Analysis- a computer program that helped to optimize the shoe for the softest landing. ☁️ Optimized ride. Cutting-edge CloudTec® Phase midsole technology delivers an incredibly smooth ride.🌊🏄‍♀️ Sustainability is at the core with optimized recycled content and the water-saving dope dye technology. This water-saving dope dye technique for the upper yarn requires 90% less water 💦 than standard techniques. We're also ditching the plastic overlays and have bumped up the shoe's total recycled content to 30%. ♻️ Send me a DM if you're interested in chatting gear. 🤗 Welcome to the On family, #Cloudsurfers ! 👟 #onambassador #onrunning #runonclouds #MakeWaves

Ooooh baby, the #OnAmbassador 2023 kit has dropped and I can tell you right now ... Imma be so fast! 🏃‍♀️💨 Go on 🫣 peep this apparel - any questions, need honest reviews or recommendations? Send me a DM! ☁️☁️☁️ #onrunning #runforeachother #runonclouds #alwayson ☁️☁️☁️

Let's get it On! 🌩️ I am thrilled to announce that I have officially joined the incredible, global community of @on_running as a 2023 On Ambassador 🫶 The On mission: "To ignite the human spirit through movement." ... I may know a thing or two about living life like that! #IYKYK 👋😁 Follow along to get first dibs on community events, read gear reviews, discover demo days, meet rad people, and get inspired to get out there & get after YOUR biggest most audacious goals, together! Dream On friends, ☁️ Dream On! @On_Running #onambassador #runonclouds #onrunning #alwayson #ambassador #humanspirit #morethanrunning #canadianathletes

Sometimes I feel I've got to get away 🏔️ ... Well, as it turns out @kapik.1 coffee beans are my (not so) secret weapon. Look out world! #AdventureTime Disclaimer: Instant transformation / individual results may vary 😁 - but no matter what you've got planned, you will be well caffeinated for your next adventure. Guaranteed! ☕ Shout out to my extraordinary friend @rayzahab for a) being a bad ass explorer who can (LITERALLY) conquer anything. #fuckcancer and for b) helping me get my hands on this amazing coffee. Go check out to learn about upcoming expeditions you could join, shop the café, and discover even more ways to push yourself in a positive direction!!

👋🏼 Hi, this is a gentle reminder from a best friend ... Stop taking yourself so damn seriously 🥸. Play, laugh, sing, risk being a bit "weird"; just be YOU! After all, you are far more incredible when you let that inner light shine extra bright! ✨ I believe in you. Now, go find some #joy today, tomorrow and every day! 🫶

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Just your friendly, neighbourhood @stokedoats dealers ... 🥸 We got whatchu need! 👋🏼😁 Click on my link in bio for your instant oats savings or use coupon code CASSIE15 at checkout. Go on, you know you wanna! 🫶 #fuelthefirewithin #stokedoats #buckineh

We've all felt them ... nerves, anxiety, stress. 😐 Whether it's on the field of competition or in our daily lives "The Pressure to Perform" is all too real. Which is exactly why I was thrilled to be asked to speak about this topic on behalf of @_headtohead at the Glencoe Club earlier this month. The group and I shared stories of how pressure makes us feel, and then we spoke about creating a #Performance Check List that can include aspects such as: routine, visualization, words of affirmation, how to face doubt with confidence, and -most importantly – Flexibility! The athletes then reflected on building their own personal routines and ways they could support one another through these tricky moments in life. 🫶 This session was truly inspirational, and I'm so grateful to be able to connect with young athletes on their unique journeys. Thank you @glencoeclub - I look forward to seeing you all again soon. ⭐Keep finding the joy in the process!⭐

There has always been a little somethin' special about making cookies for people I love. 🍪 .... It could be the fact that now I can lick the batter off the beaters without getting in trouble 🤣😜 ... it could also be seeing the smiles on their faces when I offer them the plate fresh out of the oven ... 😁👩‍🍳. Either way, these oatmeal cookies were the bomb, and I will be putting my @stokedoats to the test in more recipes to come. Stay tuned ⭐#TasteTestersWanted DM me for this recipe 💌 or check out my #linkinbio to save 15% on your next purchase of Stoked Oats. 🌾 #fuelthefirewithin #stokedoats #BuckingEhAmbassdor #homechefsofinstagram #chefcassie #rolledoatsrecipe 📸 @ultrabirch

These are the moments ... 🫶 ✅Auditioning ✅Speaking ✅Writing ✅Connecting ✅Trying/ Failing ✅Living! Special guest appearances by @jocechugg & @danethrun ☺️

YOU are responsible for who you become ... even when - no - ESPECIALLY when life presents you with twists and turns that threaten to throw off your routine ... Do it anyway! 🙌🏻 ... If you're still thinking of reasons not to ... consider the voices of the people who would be right there cheering you on! *Shout out to those ppl who keep me hungry for more technical prowess, speed, and power in my #muaythai journey* (Note: if you don't think you have people like that, then let me and my crew be those people for you! Whatever your goal, whatever your dream, do the things today that will get you even closer to it, tomorrow. LFG!!) Cover photo by @modulecreativeagency for @porschecentrecalgary

📏 The 7 Rules of Life 1. Let It Go Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday. 2. Ignore Them Don't listen to other people; live your life as it feels empowering to you. 3. Give It Time Time may not always move at a speed that seems to suit you, but it's always giving you exactly what you need. 4. Don't Compare The only person you should try to beat is the person you were yesterday. 5. Stay Calm It's okay to not have everything figured out. See point no. 3 6. It's On You Only you are in charge of your happiness. 7. Smile Life is short, enjoy it - every damn day. 📸 @ultrabirch

Back on the mic 🎧🎙️ with the legendary @markpxp to kick off the second half of the 2022/23 @ibsfsliding Skeleton season. 🙌🏻 It's such a gift to be able to continue to share my passion for 🛷 sport with the entire country. 🇨🇦 Huge congrats to the @veltinseisarena Winterberg podium: @kimberleyb0s @mrahneva @hannah_nse @tina.hermann1 @janine.flock & #SusanneKreher! An incredible race by all! Onwards to find even more speed; we will see you again soon. ✨

Here's to the spark ✨ that lights the flame 🔥 which fuels the dreams in your heart ❤️ Photographer: @dwp_portraits

The holidays can feel a little squishy sometimes ... 😅 ... so be sure to get outside to breathe some fresh air! 💕🎄 Today, we ALL hopped into the car and snowshoed 📍4 KM via Showshoe Hare & back on Telephone Loop. After what felt like an endless cold snap here in Alberta, it was a treat to get a sweat on in my @merrellcanada gear. Happy Holidays, friends + family both near and far. 😬😍 #merrellhikingclub #MHC #trailblazer #merrellcanada #winterwonderland #snowshoeingadventures #braggcreek #braggcreektrails #explorealberta

❄️Cold feet? How about cold everything!!? Temperatures are taking an arctic plunge this week ... as I write this post it's -43°C here in Calgary... 🤯🥶 which makes me extra grateful for my awesome gear from @merrellcanada ! 🥾 My plan is to stay warm (inside) today, ☕ while mapping our my next adventure (in the mountains 🗺️) for the rest of this week.📍How about snowshoeing or some cross-country skiing? 😍 Which outdoor adventures are you tackling this holiday season? Disclaimer: these pics were taken on a much less colder day. 🧤 Bundle up out there, friends! #merrellcanada #trailblazer #merrellhikingclub #calgary #yyc #extremecoldwarning #gearreview #girlswhohike #giftideas

If a turtleneck and dark rimmed glasses don't scream "hard at work" I don't know what does. 😂🤫 🤓 tee hee ... made you look. 📸 @ultrabirch

Whether I'm exploring in the backcountry or just around my neighbourhood, nothing makes a journey quite as enjoyable as genuine curiosity. 🥶🌲 Did you know the City of Calgary maintains 1,000 kilometres of regional pathways and more than 96 kilometres of trails (and that's just the groomed stuff). So, where are my #yyc pals exploring this weekend? #MerrellHikingClub #MerrelICanada @merrellcanada #yychikes

Special Delivery 📦 👩‍🌾 I'm stoked to be a part of the 2023 Bucking Eh @stokedoats Crew because it's a win for me & for YOU. Get high-quality, delicious fuel for all of life's adventures (and save some money) by clicking on my Stoked Oats link in bio OR by using code: CASSIE15 at checkout! 👏 Why am I so stoked on this company? 🤔 From seed to table, #StokedOats proudly sources their oats from farmers in both Saskatchewan and Alberta (Prairie Girl Pride!), who use sustainable farming practices that rely on rain-only to water the oat crops. And, if that isn't enough, the whole product lineup boasts: ✅ No to low added sugar ✅ Plant based oatmeal blends ✅ No preservatives or flavor additives ✅ Naturally high protein ✅ Non-GMO ✅ Gluten free ✅ No added sodium Get Stoked! 🏃‍♀️💨

That unique Canadian chill may have returned to the air, but I get by with a little help from my friend ... @natureswaycanada Ensuring that me and my family feel our best every single day - Nature's Way Sambucus Gummies make immune support easy and delicious. Plus, these high-quality gummies include Vitamin C and Zinc - Now THAT'S a best friend! 💜 Whether you are seeking great supplements or are new to the space, Nature's Way is one of Canada's most trusted natural health product brands. Using pure, high-quality ingredients backed by rigorous testing - they are about more than products - they are about empowering us to embrace wellness from the inside out, and that's something that I am 100% into! Stay healthy, happy, and vibrant through every season; you can find your newest BFF at most fine retailers across Canada, including Costco! #sponsored #naturesway #sambucus #immunesupport #elderberry #gummies

My Inspiration. ✨ In my experience, #inspiration is more complex than some quotes I jotted down. It's bigger than a thought that got me to try harder, and it's far more powerful than wondering "what if"! So - every single time I'm asked to speak to a group via organizations like @_headtohead I (re)discover the purest source of inspiration: the light that shines from within us all.🔥 You see, it doesn't matter where you are along your journey - whether you are just starting out (like these amazing girls I spoke with at @glencoegcc this month - swipe 👈 to see us all ) or you've found yourself between chapters (been there 😉) - inspiration is always strongest when it's a shared experience. Through open and vulnerable conversation we all learn, and by activating the power of dreams spoken aloud - we can/will change the world. Now THAT is inspiring! ❣️ 1st 📷: @modulecreativeagency for @porschecentrecalgary #headtohead #teamcanada #motivationaltalks #publicspeaking #glencoeclub #yyc #albertaatheltes #nextgen #safesport #teamtalks #womeninsport #athletes

There is nothing easy about choosing the path less traveled ... but #dreamers never set off in search of "easy" 🤠 In what ways are you taking steps towards your dreams? Big, small, artistic, athletic, or being of service - your dreams are all incredibly powerful, and the world NEEDS more YOU!! ⚡ Don't quit your day dream. Let this be the sign - take action! ⚡ 📸 by: @modulecreativeagency In partnership w/ @porschecentrecalgary #DreamersOn #porschecentrecalgary #yyc #modulecreativeagency #dreambigger #athlete #inspire #cassiehawrysh