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This girl 👌🏻💕... a bestie from then until always. My OG ride or die. 🥂 Happy Birthday Mushie! 🥂 Here's to making even MORE memories together for decades and decades to come. #happybirthday #kjmfamous #friendgoals #manitobagirls

These shoes are mine - but not really. Meet the Cloudneo by @on Lightweight, agile and super responsive they are engineered to go fast. These fully recyclable running shoes made from castor beans (Yes – beans 🫘) are only available via the Cyclon™️ subscription program. Cyclon,™️ is designed to close the loop of a products’ lifecycle. So, once you're done your miles, these shoes are returned to be recycled into new products.  Run. Recycle. Repeat. 👟 ♻️ PS: The Cyclon™️ t-shirt (featuring sweat-wicking fabric) has a slightly different path - but is just as cool! Buy it for a fixed fee, receive it and get moving. Once the tee is worn out, send it back. On will grind it down and make new products out of it. Then, buy another and the cycle repeats again and again. #runwithcyclon #cloudneo #onambassador #run #runner #recycle

Bonjour mes petits croissants … we’re back! 🥐❤️ Yup - more travels, adventures, chaos-controlling and laughs. Oh, and many, many more moments of me being a professional box, bag and bin transporter. 🤣👌I’m still not entirely sure how the Parisian locals feel about me when they witness my refusal to make more than one trip (if it can be avoided) whenever I’m carrying anything - regardless of weight! 💪 A gal’s gotta get those reps in when she can, amiright? #travel #paris #fashionweek #travelhacks #canadiangirl #enfrançais #whereintheworld #casseffect

Where will your next run take you? 💨👟 With the new ✨Cloudstratus 3✨ the answer is: ANYWHERE! This latest addition to the @on lineup offers an even more evident forward rolling motion, more cushioning, an updated Speedboard® and closed outsole structure. Meaning what? This is your vehicle to reach your next running goal. Big or small. In short, The Cloudstratus helps you double your run. 🥳 Who is this shoe for? Any high-mileage runners or pavement chasers looking for a training shoe to keep them comfortable mile after mile. Want to know more? Send me a DM and let’s chat 💬 or check them out for yourself at - you won’t regret it. #onambassador #cloudstratus3 @on_running_nation #onrunning

Find the light …

True or false? ✈️ The current longest, available commercial flight lasts 18 hours and 45 mins. 💡TRUE: a Singapore Airlines flight that travels 9,523 miles from New York City (JFK) to Singapore (SIN). However, it isn’t the longest ever! That title goes to a flight that which took place March 2020. (9,765 miles) The record, however, is to be broken by Qantas in 2025, when the airline launches its 10,573-mile flights between Sydney and London and its 9,950-mile flights between Sydney and New York. 🤯 No, I wasn’t on any of those - but I definitely racked up a few bonus miles recently. 🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬 Recognize anywhere?? Shout out your guesses in the comments section, and maybe I’ll bring you a souvenir! 🤩

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Nearly 1,000m (~3,280ft) of elevation gain on this ol’ girl … haha - no, I don’t mean me 😅I’m talking about Mount Lady MacDonald. 🗻Located on the north side of Canmore, AB, it is generally considered a challenging route. On this - my first ever encounter with her - I can confirm she did not disappoint. 🦵There are several routes to the true summit, and they all require hikers to ascend a scree slope and cross a very narrow exposed ridge. 😬 The view from every vantage point (false & true summit) is spectacular. Re: 360-degrees of more mountains & valleys. But, it’s possible that I was almost more excited to see the cookies that we packed 🍪😂 Any bucket list mountain summits on your list? Tell me about them!! 📷 @ultrabirch @on_running #onambassador #adventuretime @canmorekananaskis #mtladymacdonald

Hotel workouts > walking around in 35*C heat … or maybe that’s just my Canadian showing. Haha 🔥💪🥲 jk. I totally walked around earlier (when it was only 20*C). I have been finding myself loving getting to know this incredible city more and more every day. Plus, those 13 years of l’immersion française are have kicked into high gear - stay in school, kids. 🤓

Warning! 🔥 The following video depicts what happens when you choose to ignore the classic parental advice, “Do not jump on the bed“ … hahah ow my 🍑. Hahaha 😝 classic. Top #Paris recommendations 5e-15e Arrondisements —> Allez! 🇫🇷 #frompariswithlove #GRWM #DayInTheLife #France

Smoooooth operator … but make it family friendly 😅🐥🤿 However YOU celebrate this long weekend - stay safe and have fun. 🥳 🍁 Happy #CanadaDay from coast to coast to coast. 🫡

Spring into Summer photo dump 🌱☀️ 20 days. 3 countries. 4 planes. 25,000 daily steps. 6 hotels. 19 Ubers. 100s of amazing people. 1,000s of epic memories. 1 incredible life. 🫡 #justgettingwarmedup

All. The. Activities! 🛵💨 If you know me, you know that I am constantly in motion Truthfully, it is by design that I live my life in a state of flow - every single day. ✨ I’m grateful to practice an existence where movement is medicine, and I’m proud to rep a brand like On that embodies this movement in each thread and every stitch. …. So, how do you find YOUR flow? 🏃‍♀️ #onambassador @on_running #onrunning #runonclouds

Running was something I had always done, in sports- mostly, only as necessary. 😅 But when I boldly challenged myself to become a Heptathlete in my early 20s, I discovered running was so much more than just an activity - it was a key that could unlock speed, power, clarity and even freedom! (Swipe to see a flashback of that!) Lacing up your sneakers and heading out for a run, hike or hitting the gym is something that most of us take for granted – but it truly is a privilege. ❤️🙏 For millions of people around the world, there are barriers that prevent them from enjoying the freedom and benefits that movement brings - from access and inclusion to safety. That’s where #RightToRun begins its work. Right To Run is @on_running ‘s social impact program that supports organizations who are committed to ensure ALL individuals have access to participate in running events & activities – helping preserve everyone’s right to run and move. With partnerships growing globally - I encourage you to check out all of the Right To Run partners and learn about how you can get involved! #globalrunningday #onambassador

Okay who is old enough to have had a camcorder as a kid? 🙋🏻‍♀️ The extreme close ups and the grainy look 😍 - nostalgia at its finest. So, it felt like the perfect edit to showcase just how my favourite On apparel is made to move in my everyday life. Yes - wearing the women’s Weather Jacket in Straosphere | Pearl which is light, breezy and always fashionable, I’m hitting up a fitness class … but these classes have meant a heck of a lot more to me than just sweating. For the last year I had discovered that I could use the high intensity spin classes as a way to help push my edges beyond what my mind was telling me I was able to achieve. 😂🦵🦵 Finding apparel that can suit every moment of my life is key, discovering apparel that is truly designed to help me move (in body AND mind) is priceless. 🙏 Never underestimate your potential - especially when you’ve already come so far. 💙 Hit up my link in bio for a direct link to my fave ON gear! @on_running #feelnothing #onambassador #fitcheck #onapparel

That look 👀 The first time I had the honour of sitting down with Master @philyyc I had NO idea what exactly I was asking for.... A few months freshly retired from @teamcanada #skeleton I was in search of a new challenge; Muay Thai Kickboxing presented as an opportunity to push myself a bit more. Haha 😂 #IYKYK yah - I got what I asked for & more. This martial art has shown me more about myself than I could have ever predicted. Each week I unlock a new level within my heart and my mind. Whether I'm feeling like a beast or struggling to get this week's combination my Coaches & my training partners always gift me with their energy, their support, their wisdom and their unwavering commitment to finding our best - together - every single session. Belt #grading is an opportunity to showcase what you have learned, how your technical skills match up, and demonstrate your abilities to push beyond that voice in your mind that says, "it's too hard, just quit." This green belt grading, however, felt even more monumental - and not just because I was on display solo. Without going too deep into the novel of my inner thoughts - the fact is, this past year, I discovered just how much MORE I had fallen in love with the sport & who it is helping me become. This little video shows you less than 30 seconds of effort. The real life 30+ minutes of non stop effort put my heart rate over 185 bpm; but even at the end I was still smiling. And THAT is how you know you're exactly where you are meant to be in any moment. I'm still processing the emotions, but pride is at the top of the pile. 💚 What's better? The fact that this is "just another step along my path to black belt excellency." Moral of the story? Do the thing (yes, that thing you keep telling yourself you should try) - because the path on that journey is the only place you can meet the absolute best version of yourself. #kickboxingtraining #muaythaigirls #BuiltNotBorn #cassiehawrysh #muaythaifighter #fitness #greenbelt #pushyourself #againandagain

Head-Shoulders-Knees & Toes but make it 2023! Peep this casual swiss-engineered look; stay for my awesome dance moves. 😅😂 Create your own perfect #OOTD at 🧢° Zero Cap in grey/ black 👕° On Hoodie in navy 🩳° Sprinter Shorts in black 🧦° On Low Sock in pink 👟° Cloud Novas in graphite @on_running #onambassador #runonclouds #onrunning

The secret to always being in the right place, at the right time is knowing you always are. I love these moments, -The Universe P.S. Like today. Like now. Because you are and all is well. ✨ ------- 👗@nrtfashions 👠@calvinklein 📷 @ultrabirch

Another year, and (still) kickin' 🥳... I'd actually argue that I'm kickin' it better than ever. *Feel free to fact check that one with my Coaches. 😄 I am so grateful to be celebrating this #birthday surrounded by love & laughter. 🙏🏼 Thank you for all the messages, gifts, and kind words. My heart is full. 💌 A special shout out to every incredible soul that I have had (and continue to have) the honour of experiencing this finite journey alongside. ✨ After all, the longer I live, the more beautiful life has become. 📸 @ultrabirch

Time to get (back) on track! Did you know that I didn't start my Track & Field career as a Heptathlete, and ultimately - a 400m Hurdler, until I was 21 years old?!🤯 Yah - it was as difficult of a journey as you might guess. But, it was also so rewarding, and there's so much more to being a part of a track meet (as an athlete or spectator): 1. Witness incredible athletes push their edges - a demonstration of the human spirit. 2. Discover up and coming athletes who just may be the next "big thing" 3. Get inspired in your own fitness journey. Now - while I don't compete in Athletics anymore, I love watching allll of the heart-captivating performances - LIVE! Enter Track Fest LA 🏃‍♀️ - the first event of the On Track Nights series, which includes 6 track meets spanning from LA to Vienna, coming to Los Angeles, on May 6th! Join me in catching all the action via the live #trackfest stream ---> link in my stories (or send me a DM!) Let's go!!! #ontracknights @on_running #onambassador #runonclouds

If anyone needs me, I'll be here in this 10X10 tent-turned-apartment while I act in one of my most coveted roles = "Crew Chief" for @ultrabirch! 🫶 That's right, we are back in beautiful British Columbia for the 2023 edition of the BC Backyard Ultra Race hosted by @lewistonultraevents These ultra athletes run 6.71km every hour on the hour until a winner is crowned by being the last racer standing. 👑 Buckle in friends, we're here for the long haul! 🏃🏼💨 ♾️ DM me for the live link to track his results lap by lap by lap by lap .... #onambassador @stokedoats #buckineh #ultrarace #updates #timekeepsticking #backyardultra #raceday #ultracrew #goEvango

No. Bad. Days. 🐰 Whether you celebrate the holidays in the traditional sense or keep it real light, I'm here to tell you that we NEVER need to grow out of these chocolate-filled moments, the laughter, the connection, and afternoons with a few of your most favorite people. Near or far. Ya'll know who you are!! 🫶 The person(s) this post just made you think of... yeah ... This is your sign to give them a call 📞 💖 Sending you love and light. Today, and always.

The BEST thing?? ♀️ Why would I choose just one?! I am fiercely proud to be able to explore such a variety of areas along this life's journey. While I have been defined by many of my accomplishments as a member of @teamcanada, there has always been SO much more to the story. 🦩 These days - whether I'm modeling/acting, kicking a$$ as a Muay Thai Martial Artist, discovering new ways to use gravity to my advantage in Aerial Yoga, or inspiring the next generation as a mentor with my incredible partner organizations - I am constantly reminded just how grateful I am for PEOPLE who lift ME up along the way. 🫶 Shout out to this first-class crew 👑: @wild.modelmgmt @fastandfemale @rayzahab @nduggaofficial @dawnschummyschum @karynsilenzi @edgemontathletic @strongwith_saruhhh @ultrabirch @kjm_realestate @daniellemarieking_ @emilyesterling @lauramacloves @zimandtherocket