Cassie Hawrysh


Keeping it real - with homage to my 5 year old self - I have always know the importance of making new friends in new places ... I did however, edit my script to exclude the “wanna be my friend?” line ... that part comes later! Haha - Go Majors!

Filled with clear purpose, wilder than expected or with poignant grace - no matter how you are required to travel along your journey - show up with passion, excitement, and laughter. Enjoy the ride, every damn day!

<< LOL >> What’s so funny? Whatever you need to be - go on! Laugh! Laugh in the face of danger or laugh at the that nervous feeling you get when you try something new - and if you can’t - It’s okay to not be okay, too. With all the digital stressors and photoshopped fiction in this pixelated place - please accept this laugh as my gift - as a reminder to anyone who may need something extra to help light the way. Wherever you are, you’re doing great!

Certifiably certified! Huge congrats to all the Coaches (from 14 diff sports!) - we conquered #InternationalCoachingSchool2018 together. PS: mega thank yous go out to the facilitators for your time, patience and occasionally laughing at my jokes! 🤣

Don’t do it — Don’t hit that snooze button!! ⏰ Get those feet on the ground and GO! However you can today, just show up. Extra incentive: today’s the final day to join @ryu_apparel @workoutbc @bccancerfdn in the fight against cancer. Various locations are hosting activities & classes to get your sweat on & help to raise funds for this cause. Check out @ryu_apparel for full details 👊🏼 #fuckcancer #whyiworkout 📷: @yuhki3

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Made with Medalist

Behind every perfected platinum is a certified pro ... cause ya’ll know no one’s getting this kind of Christina Aguilera circa 90’s genie in a bottle blonde without mega stylist knowledge. Swipe to see the full #Pixie360 - Cheers to you @hairbydavidfraelic - I’ll be glowing for months!

“Domo arigato Mr. Roboto 🤖” You can’t see it but I was arranging 3D items all around the room during this @IBM 👓demo. Wearables & the integration of augmented reality are officially here; with so many applications - how do YOU see them changing your world? Comment below 👇🏼 • • • #energydisruptorsunite #cassiehawrysh #casseffect #calgary #alberta #travel #community #ibm #stayconnected #askmorequestions #edu2018 #screwitletsdoit #energysector #athletesinbusiness #richardbranson #virginunite #teamwork #robots #prostarenergy #commitment #learning #growth #thoughtleaders #canada #westerncanada #oilberta #bigfourbuilding #journalistonduty #speakout

Reimagine your reality. Step outside of your own beliefs, thoughts and expectations. There’s beauty in the breakdown & inspiration at every turn. Together we can create change! #EDU2018 @energydisruptors

Different hair; same ol’ swing. Whose ready to hit the links with me? ⛳️ Shaking off some rust this morning ... all constructive 🏌🏼criticism welcomed!

I am happy to report that my inner child is still ageless. 🎈

Don’t wish for easy. Easy doesn’t make you grow. Easy doesn’t make you think. 👊🏼

Cheering & smiling in the #6ix with Komak & Kopacz - repping @teamcanada at the 14th annual Cadillac Fairview Run this morning. Way to go 1K & 5K runners - that’s way more ground than I’ve ever trained to cover, even without a sled!

🍒 Knotting a cherry stem with your tongue is said to correlate with your kissing abilities 💋. Now I don’t know about all that but Al Gliniecki says, “Pick a good stem!” Al currently holds three @guinnessworldrecords for most cherry stems knotted using the tongue: 14 in one minute, 39 in three minutes and 911 in one hour. So, I guess like anything else in life, it’s all about attention to detail & willingness to commit to your goals. 😜 Get out there and tie some stems! #MondayMotivation #RespectYourUniverse #BeautifulTough #ryu

Found a friend at field-level. He's pretty Ace 😜; he’s also an excellent dancer, an impeccable dresser, and is great with kids!! Thanks, @bluejays - and what an epic game!

Happiness is an inside job. \\ Read more about my latest & greatest in a recent Q&A session with the “All hustle, No quit.” rockstars at @teamunsunghero 💪🏼 (link in my bio)

Don’t stop retrieving! 🚫🤚🏼🐕 Hold on to that feeeeeeeling! (I may have had a treat for extra incentive ... but @winston_retriever is a total gentleman & won’t say one way or another.) #PuppyLove

Find someone who looks at you like I look at those 1KG bags of Cadbury mini-eggs. 🍫🥚🐰

[Swipe] 👈🏼 to reveal my fate. Yes, I went with the face of sheer terror. You’re all welcome. 😳😫🤩

If you change the way you look at things - the things you look at, change. 🙃

... and for my next trick! [video evidence or it didn’t happen, right!?] Thankfully, we had expert guidance from the @forged.axe.throwing crew. Loved their energy and willingness to allow me to play with sharp toys!